Bitcoin Scam Apps

The number of fake Bitcoin apps on the market is on the rise. Some have managed to get past Apple’s review team to scam iPhone users. One such app, called Trezor, was rated as a five-star app and featured a green-colored padlock logo. Unfortunately, this application was a scam, and it stole 17.1 bitcoin worth more than $600,000. You should never use a fake Trezor app.

You can’t tell if an app is fake if it’s not displaying an accurate balance. To spot a scam, look for red flags. For example, a legitimate cloud mining operation could use a mobile app as their dashboard. Such an app would have secure coding practices and high-quality code. Likewise, BitScam apps have similar code and design. They’re made using a framework that doesn’t require any programming experience.

A legitimate cloud mining operation might have a mobile app that served as its dashboard. However, they would likely have a high-quality code that follows secure coding standards. In contrast, a BitScam app is built with a framework that doesn’t require programming skills. As a result, you should avoid downloading the app, which has been downloaded by thousands of people. You may also notice that the logo looks funny, or you have to purchase an extra device to access your cryptocurrency wallet.

The developers of the Trezor crypto scam uploaded fake wallets to the App Store. They used a legitimate secondary app to mask their identities. The app claimed to collect no data at all, and even went as far as to claim that the app doesn’t collect any data. In reality, the scammers stole private keys and passphrases from users of the real Trezor. It’s easy to become a victim of a cryptocurrency scam when it’s so widely popular.