Romance Fraud Definition

Romance fraud is a scam that takes advantage of the vulnerable emotions of victims. It is common for victims to think that they’ve found the perfect partner online, but it is very easy to be fooled. Many criminals specialize in creating fake profiles and slowly build trust. They spend hours researching potential victims in order to make them fall for their ploys. As a result, they will defraud innocent victims of their money.

One common scam that is used by scammers is the advance fee scam. The scammer convinces the victim that she must marry him in order to inherit millions of dollars in gold. The victim contacts the scammer and sends money, but the scammer insists that she must marry him in order to collect the inheritance. However, the young woman cannot get the gold out of the country without paying the duty and marriage taxes, so she’s unable to claim the fortune until she marries him.

There are many ways that a romance fraudster can defraud a victim. The scammer can use online dating sites or social networking websites. They may also meet people in person at a restaurant, bar, or vacation spot. The scammer will use distorted personal profiles, fake photographs, and fake details of their life. They will even pose as a real person to gain the trust of the victim. They will do all of these things in the hope that the victim will fall in love.