Singlecare Savings Card Scam

The SingleCare Savings Card is a prescription discount card that can help you save on brand name drugs. Its marketing materials tout high savings up to 80% and 60%. However, there are some problems with the program. The program is a scam, and you should not use it. There are many ways to get the savings you want without paying extra. Here are some tips to avoid being taken advantage of: 1. Never use the SingleCare website to buy a prescription discount card.

Don’t be fooled by the SingleCare Savings Card Scam. The company doesn’t offer a card, but offers discounts on different items. One way to get this discount is to use the app. Once installed, the app will send a notification to you. Then, click on the button to redeem your discount. Once you have your coupon, present it to the pharmacist for validation. You’ll receive a printed copy of the offer, which you can present at the pharmacy.

The SingleCare Savings Card Scam offers discounts on medical services, but you must first apply for a card to access the discount. Most shops offer a student discount during Back to School Discount season, but if you’d like to save even more, you should sign up for a student loyalty program. You’ll find that there are many places to use this card, and you don’t have to worry about being ripped off.